Homolulu Berlin - the queer city bike tour

“Homolulu Berlin” is the queer bicycle city tour. The theme of the tour is “Berlin invents homosexuality – queer history from 1850-1935”.

I guide my guests on the bike to historical places of Berlin and talk about queer history, like:

  • the first gay activist group,
  • the first gay and lesbian magazine,
  • the first gay and lesbian magazine,
  • the first sexology institute in the world,
  • the first gender reassignment surgeries,
  • in addition, we dive into the nightlife of the golden twenties with Eldorado, Anita Berber and Christopher Isherwood.

All you need to bring is a bike or a scooter. Start is Unter den Linden 4, in front of the Neue Wache. The tour lasts about 3 hours and ends in Schöneberg in Motzstrasse.

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