Dates, Bring Along, Costs & Booking


The tour takes place at irregular times. Here are the next scheduled dates:

  • The tour is on winter brake till spring, but contact me if you are a group of people that are okay with the cold

If there is no tour scheduled on your preferred date, please suggest a date to me. I am also happy to find a date for groups and school classes. Write to

Bring Along

Please bring a bike or scooter (the scooters to stand on).
There are many bike providers that you can book via app, here are 4 options (prices may have changed):
callabike: 1€/15 minutes, Max 9€/day
Next Bike: Bike price, 24h max 15€
Lime: Uber: eScooter & eBike price: changing offers, e.g. 180 min 24€ incl. multiple stops
Bolt: eScooter & eBike price: changing offers, e.g. 35 min 6€ incl. multiple stops



The tour is free, but a tip at the end of the tour is welcome, if you can afford it. Some give 15-20 euros.


If you want to book, just write me an email to indicating the date, language and number of people or use this contact form: